CAF Rankings: Ghana gains one coefficient point after Kotoko campaign


Every five years, CAF goes through a ranking for countries in all African club competitions. The better your clubs perform in the CAF Champions League and CAF Confederation Cup, the more points your country gets.

Football associations ranked in the top twelve can enter two sides into each of the two continental tournaments.

This is called the coefficient system. And it is the system that allows some countries to have one or two slots in the Champions League or Confederation Cup. No country has three slots.

Ghana, because of consistently poor campaigns over the years, has just one slot for Champions League, and one for Confederation Cup.

If we want two slots for both CAF CL and CAF CC, we need 30 points. Currently, with Kotoko finishing third in the group stage of this year’s Confederation Cup, Ghana has gained one additional point to our total.

Ghana now has just nine points, meaning need about 21 more to have two slots each.


Ghana have more work to do. Every year, the clubs need to go further. Else, risk disappearing from the table of men.

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