Cesc warns Chelsea against selling Kenedy: He can be top class


AS Monaco midfielder Cesc Fabregas has urged Chelsea not to cut loose Kenedy.

Cesc played with the Brazilian at Chelsea and has followed his progress this season on-loan with Getafe.

He told Marca: “The first impression I had of Kenedy was really very positive, he came to train with us in the United States, no one knew who he was or where he came from, but he made himself known very quickly, above all because of his technical ability.

“Kenedy has already shown that he can play even at Chelsea, without a doubt I think he can play great. At Getafe he is doing great but he lacks what he lacked there (Chelsea) – continuity to play entire matches or practically play every week from the beginning to create in your head a more competitive spirit from day to day.

“He would certainly be a player to keep in mind when selecting my team, he has a brutal talent and physicality to compete at the highest level.

“I see for him a leap in quality and to be a top-level player.”

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