Chelsea boss Sarri stands by rant: This my character – I’m a straight talker


Chelsea boss Maurizio Sarri stands by his public rant against his players after defeat at Arsenal on Saturday.

Sarri said he would not be changing his methods and did not care about the risk he was taking, even though previous Stamford Bridge managers have lost the fight when they have taken on powerful dressing rooms.

“This is my character – I am a straight talker. This is how I speak. I don’t think it is risky,” he said.

“These guys have a sensible head on their shoulders, so I don’t think I am risking anything.

“I said the players are difficult to motivate, but there are players who are sensible, who will listen and won’t take it the wrong way.

“Yes, sometimes when you speak in that way it might cause some upset or some conflict, but it doesn’t cause any lingering bitterness.

“I am a good teacher of this football. I don’t think it would be a good idea if I try to teach my players a different type of football. There will be some changes, but there will be no massive upheaval.”

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