Diego Jr: Barcelona star Messi a giant – but Dad the greatest


Diego Jr is adamant his father Diego Maradona was a better player than Barcelona captain Lionel Messi.

Diego Jr, who currently plays in Italy with ASD San Giorgio, was asked about the long running debate by AS.

He said, “Look, many idiots changed the words that I always said and I will be very clear once and for all: Messi is a giant, I love him, much more than Ronaldo (Cristiano), but much more, and I argue with people when they compare him with my old man, because terrestrials do not compare to aliens.

“I also get angry when in Argentina they mess with him, ‘leave the kid alone’, I tell them, because we have to enjoy him, because after my old man he is the greatest in the history of football. I have a lot of love and admiration for Messi, and for me he does not deserve the criticism he receives.

“Although I would love to see him, Messi does not need to win a World Cup to be bigger, he is huge, and I will not judge him when he retires, and people should not do it either, in case he won a World Cup or not, but for everything he gave us in the years he played, for what made us enjoy soccer.

“Now, comparing him with my ‘old man’ does not hold up, because Diego Armando Maradona is so great, he is soccer. And I don’t say it because he is my ‘old man’, but because I talk to people and he cries when he refers to him, because of how he played, what he did on a pitch.

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“Nobody will match my ‘old man’ nor can he be compared to anyone.”


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