Division One League Board writes to all DOL clubs to address FIFA and CAF COVID-19 relief fund issues


The Division One League Board earlier this afternoon held an emergency meeting to address some of the fallouts of the Disbursement of Fifa and CAF COVID-19 relief funds. The meeting was attended by the General Secretary of the FA. We wish to advise as follows:

1) The payment plan of the FIFA COVID-19 Relief Fund is guided by a FIFA Operational Model and Governance Structure which document has been shared with all clubs. The Funding is broken down into two phases: $500k in July 2020 and another $500k in Jan 2021 plus an additional $500k to Women’s Football. This brings the total FIFA COVID-19 vote to $1.5m up to Jan 2021.
This is different from the FIFA Forward 2.0 operational – cost entitlements which was approved for immediate release by FIFA on 16 April 2020. (This was originally due in July 2020).

2) In addition to this there is a CAF COVID-19 vote of $300k bringing the total to $1.8m with anticipated disbursement of $1million now and $800k in Jan 2021.

3) The FIFA Operational Model and Governance Structure on Covid-19 Relief Plan, proposes a framework that considers not only top-level club football but also national teams, women’s football, lower tier domestic leagues and the youth and grassroots games, as well as other stakeholders.

4) The permissible use of funds as captured in the FIFA Operational Model and Governance Structure on COVID-19 relief plan, include but are not limited to;
– Restart of competitions across all categories
– the implementation of return to play protocols
– the participation of national teams of all categories in restarted competitions
– the payment of staff costs and (re-) hiring of essential staff where necessary
– the maintenance of footballing infrastructure
– the payment of general administration and operating costs.

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Based on the above parameters and permissible uses, the EXCO has made allocations for disbursement to clubs , women football, national teams and other expenditures related to the smooth running of football in Ghana with anticipation of a restart in the foreseeable future .

5) Amounts allocated to the Management of the various competitions including DOL is not meant for committee members but for the general running of the leagues including provision of certain logistics to clubs .

6) Whilst acknowledging the support national teams receive from Government, the FA has over the years been responsible for the camping expenditures of most of the National teams with Government coming in only during the period leading to competitions and or matches.

7) The proposed expenditure assumes that there is no sponsorship and hence the funding makes allocation for all items . Division one League clubs have been allocated 57% of the funds earmarked for DOL and Premier League clubs. As and when other funds and sponsorships come in, there is potential for DOL clubs to get more funds.

The Board will continue to engage the FA on these items and ensure that broader stakeholder inputs are harnessed going forward.

Released By: the Division One League Board


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