Dutch PFA chief urges Chelsea, Ajax and Ziyech to find ‘gentleman’s agreement’


Dutch PFA chief Ko Andriessen says Hakim Ziyech and Ajax must reach a ‘gentleman’s agreement’ for the remainder of the season.

Ziyech is due to leave Ajax and join Chelsea on July 1.

However, with the seasons in Holland and England to go beyond June due to the coronavirus suspension, Andriessen feels Ziyech needs to stay with Ajax.

“What could be done is a gentlemen’s agreement. It is often the same when a player is sold in the summer,” the players’ union chief said.

“That way you could turn it around once. Not leave a little earlier, but stay a little longer. It is not forbidden to be creative. However, this is only possible if clubs and players agree on this together. FIFA can never impose that bindingly.”

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