Egyptian FA says several football trophies are missing from its storage


Egyptian Football Association (EFA) announced on Friday the disappear of some of old trophies from the Association’s stores, confirming they will probe on the situation to determine the trophies fate.

“As the Egyptian Football Association are currently developing the main headquarter of the association including changing the building’s entrance to a small museum for Egyptian football, the management was shocked by the disappearance of some old trophies from the Association’s store,” read a statement by the EFA on Friday.

“The EFA was preparing to use those lost trophies to be part of the association’s development by showing them on the building’s entrance,”

“The EFA are now investigating on the trophies disappearance to make sure that those old trophies were saved after the building was burned and stolen in 2013 when Ultras Groups invaded the headquarter or they were part of the losses that resulted from what the building was exposed to in this incident,” the statement added.

Reports in the Egyptian media claimed that the original trophy of the African Cup of Nations, that the Pharaohs won following the unprecented treble in 2006, 2008, 2010, is among the disappeared trophies.

The Egyptian FA discovered the trophies disappearance during their preparations to develop the association’s headquarter as well as organizing a show of trophies while celebrating 100 years on the EFA’s establishment.

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