FIFA provides vague explanation on why Egypt’s The Best awards votes for Salah were invalid


FIFA claim that they didn’t count votes for Mohamed Salah coming from Egypt’s national team captain Ahmed Elmohamady and then-coach Shawky Gharib because they were not submitted in a proper form.

The signatures in the votes were in capital letters and they were not signed by the EFA general secretary. Apparently, breaching these requirements makes the vote invalid.

“The Egyptian FA have received two reminders to submit the properly signed voting forms on 19 August 2019,” a FIFA spokesperson said.

“The Egyptian FA has not submitted a response within the (limited) timeframe until Wednesday, 21 August 2019. Therefore, the votes from the Egyptian FA could not be counted.”

It was reported earlier that Egyptian FA demanded answers on why their two representatives’ votes were not registered on the official FIFA website, as they claim that the votes were submitted before the deadline.

Strangely enough, their media representative Hany Danial’s votes were listed on the website.

By the way, it would be nice if FIFA also provided clarification on why Nicaragua’s captain Juan Barrera’s vote for Messi was counted despite him insisting he didn’t vote at all. Sudan’s coach Zdravko Lugarisic also says that he didn’t cast a vote for Messi as it’s reflected on FIFA website but voted for Mo instead, as proved by the screenshots.

Anyway, this situation as peculiar and suspicious as it is, most certainly won’t have any consequences. After all, Messi has already been handed his award surpassing Salah – who finished 4th – by 20 points.

Source: Mirror
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