GFA: Techiman City Football Club suspended

Techiman City

The Executive Council of the Ghana Football Association (GFA) in the exercise of its powers under Article 39(n) of the GFA Statutes 2019 has suspended Techiman City Football Club provisionally until the next Congress of the GFA for violating the Statutes of the Association.

Article 39(n) of the GFA Statutes 2019 states as follows: The Executive Council shall have the following powers: Dismiss a member of a body of GFA provisionally or suspend a Member of GFA provisionally until the next Congress”.

Techiman City Football Club on Friday, August 28, 2020 issued a Writ against the GFA and filed an Exparte Motion against the GFA to place an interlocutory injunction on the recently held 26th Ordinary Congress of the Ghana Football Association.

It is very clear from the admission requirements under Article 13 and 16(1)(f) of the GFA Statutes 2019 that a member of the GFA will not take matters of interpretation and application of the FIFA, CAF and GFA Statutes, Regulations, decisions and directives to the ordinary courts, unless the FIFA Statutes or regulations, CAF Statutes or the GFA regulations, or binding national law, provide for a stipulate recourse to Ordinary courts.

Where there are violations, Article 17.1 of the GFA Statues 2019 states that “the Congress is responsible for suspending a Member. The Executive Council may, however, temporarily suspend a Member that seriously and/or repeatedly violates its obligations as a Member with immediate effect. The suspension approved by the Executive Council shall last until the next Congress, unless the Executive Council has lifted it in the meantime“.

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Following this decision of the Executive Council, Techiman City Football Club is suspended from all GFA activities including the upcoming 2020/2021 football season until the next GFA Congress decides the fate of the club as prescribed under Article 17 and 18 of the GFA Statutes.

Article 17(3) of the GFA Statutes states that “a suspended Member shall lose its membership rights. Othe

r Members may not entertain sporting contact with a suspended Member. The Disciplinary Committee may impose further sanctions”.

Consequently, Techiman City FC is provisionally suspended from the Ghana Football Association untilthe next GFA Congress, where the delegates will be presented with the matter on the agenda for Congress to take a decision on the issue in accordance with the Statutes of the Association.


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