Good news to referees as Kurt Okraku promise to take football officiating to the next level



By: Kwaku Oduro

GFA Presidential hopeful Kurt Okraku has indicated he is going to engage the Refrees Association of Ghana (RAG) when voted into power as the Ghana FA president to make sure they have an enabling environment where they will feel free to deliver.

After delivering his message to journalists in Tamale during his #GameChanger manifesto press briefing on Friday, the Dreams FC chief during the question and answer time was asked by Sports24online’s Kwaku Oduro how he intends to pay-off all debts owed Premier League referees and how is he going to ensure that refrees are taken care of well in order for them to give off their best when he gets the nod to lead Ghana football .

In his response he said said, “there is no doubt we owe the referees and clearly that will be just one of the many debts that confronts the football association. It is very important that the RAG and the Football Association see ourselves as partners in development of the game of football and it will only take a leader who believes in engagements to be able to find solutions”.

He further stated that “we would have to first of all engage, in order to have a clear picture as to how we can clear the debt. It is possible that the referees may not trust us but we should give ourselves the opportunity to build”.

Going forward he emphasized that, “it is important that we have a clear plan for refereeing in this country. We will look at the general emolument  that are paid to referees. We would need to ensure that conditions of service are hugely and progressively improved.

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According to Kurt when he get the nod to lead Ghana football, accomodation and transportation challenges will be handled and solved [in a professional manner].

“We would identify a transport company, partner with them so that during matchdays referees will know which buses they would be traveling on and also partner with hotels all over the country so that referees will know where to sleep on matchdays; all at the expense of the FA”.

Kurt Okraku is one one the leading candidates for the highest position in Ghana football come 25th of October, 2019 when the GFA elctions take palce.



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