Liverpool boss Klopp assures fans: We’ll be back next season; we will do market business!

Jurgen Klopp
Jurgen Klopp

Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp has told the world the real version of his team will be back next term.

The Reds nearly won the quadruple last season, losing in the Champions League final and being piped to the Premier League by Manchester City.

Since, they have fallen out of every competition and may not even finish in the top four this term.

“We play a very average season, we have to do business in the market – we will do it!” Klopp told reporters.

“Spending in football combined with football knowledge will lead to improvement, that’s very likely.

“So it’s not rocket science we are talking about. So we have the year we have, but we will be ready to fight again, for whatever. We will see that – you will see that.”

He added: “Look, obviously now we realize Manchester City didn’t get worse with Haaland, it was a good signing, eh? But because Arsenal plays a good season there’s a big fight.

“City always have played, in a lot of games where we beat them, they played better football, but we beat them anyway, and that’s the truth last time as well.

“This time it didn’t work out, but not because we were not in a situation to create this mentality on the pitch, to be this kind of unbeatable monster. And we didn’t lose one game this year because of the other teams, because they have this and they are better…that is all still possible for us.

“If we can start now again, in this club, to just be happy if we can do more or the same as others, who cares what others are doing, who cares?”

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