Man Utd – Record revenue, fatter wage bill, Mourinho payoff: latest financial report summer up


Man United have announced a record revenue of £627.1m for 2019, the first club to reach the £600m barrier. The operating profit is £50m, mostly thanks to higher TV money. Breaking down it all below:

• £275.1m commercial revenue (£0.7m decrease compared to the last year)

• £241.2m broadcasting revenue

• £110.8 matchday revenue

Net debt remains £203.6m. The wage bill has risen to £159,760-a-week from £142,260 last year. Sacking Jose Mourinho and certain members of staff cost United £19.6m.

The profit for the next year are expected to be around £560m-£580m because there’s no Champions League football for the club. For the time being, Ed Woodward remains delighted with the result and promises that money will be reinvested in the team.

Source: FC Business Magazine
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