N/R: Sagnerigu Municipal Football Association Chairman, Mr. Ibrahim Dawuda meets Assemblymen


Chairman of the Sagnarigu MFA, Mr. Ibrahim Dawuda has hit the ground running as he held deliberations with key persons within his catchment area as the return of football in the country is just around the corner.

On Saturday, the MFA boss met with all the assemblymen to engage them in the football affairs within the municipality. He believes that over the years the absence of these stakeholders in affairs of football within the municipality has not helped the DFA at all.

” You the assemblymen are also very important when it comes to our football activities within our communities, unfortunately, it seems like the DFA and the assembly usually do not have any links with each other. But this affects us very much just that we don’t see it”.

Despite the challenges faced, the Municipality has chopped some success when it comes to football and this was presented to the assembly members.

The Assembly members appreciated the move taken by the Municipal chairman to engage them. And also suggested some ways by which the Municipality could grow more and developed talents for the municipality.

“It’s good that you have gathered us here today, lack of these kinds of engagements has kept as in the dark when it comes to football. We happy that this is happening at least we know what say at the assembly about football. ” Said, Mr. Osman Ibrahim.

He also advised the NRFA to try and take part in their general house meeting, to put the concerns of football.

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By: Abuabakari Illiasu


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