NRFA Boss Alhaji Abu Hassan admonish Football Administrators to protect their brand to retain sponsors


Chairman of the Northern Regional Football Association, Alhaji Abu Hassan Rhyzo has advised football Administrators to use their time on the Airwaves to protect the brand they represent and ensure they retain the respect of their partners in moving the brand forward.

In his view, CORPORATE SPONSORSHIP as we are all aware is very key to the growth of the football industry. But to be able to attract and retain sponsors, the football people themselves will have to learn to appreciate and jealously protect their product.

Seasoned football Administrators cannot sit on radio and TV stations to tarnish the brand and product they are supposed to be protecting and turn round to complain about our football not getting sponsorship.

Remember no corporate entity will like to associate with a brand that is being castigated from within.
All over the airwaves, it’s either club supporters accusing management and their board falsely of impropriety or management and their technical teams accusing referees of bias when they know their recruitment and pre-season preparation wasn’t the best.

We also have the “Prima Donnas” who think once they are not part of a particular dispensation then NOTHING good should come out of it. Hence they will criticize every good initiative and let it look bad in the eyes of the public.
Then we have those exhibiting DOUBLE Standards. If a bad policy is not affecting them, then it’s good to go, you only see them reacting when they are directly affected.

Alhaji Abu Hassan backed his argument with the case involving the number of RFAs at the Executive Council. “When GHALCA was proposing to NORMALISATION to reduce the representation of the RFAs from 10 to I think 5 or 4, what were we expecting? It meant that very soon DIVISION ONE clubs will follow suit. As we speak the RFAs have been reduced to 2 reps and everyone pretends as if nothing has happened.

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So we all have a collective role to play by looking at policies objectively and not only when they affect us.
When STARTIMES money comes, It’s earmarked for some specific group, nobody is pushing for even a percentage for RFAs to support Juvenile and Division 2 football. But when FIFA Stimulus package arrives, that one can be varied from Operational to support “clubs”. Here again, we are not thinking of Juvenile or the lower-tier teams.

Sponsorship or Capital has a choice, and not until football people learn to stop bickering and appreciate the product and those at the helm of affairs driving that Brand, we won’t achieve much.


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