OPINION: Listen to the cry of the clubs – CEO of FC Tamale tells GFA


President Kurt’s will be misplacing a wonderful opportunity if he does not forward the $500,000 to save the Ghanaian clubs.

As a chief executive office and owner of Tamale base club FC Tamale, I  tend to agree with Kojo Yankah, Kofi Menu and Alhaji Grusah on the $500,000 strategic support fund from Fifa. The clubs have been hit so hard at this very difficult corona virus times. Even though football is on break due to covid-19 , club owner have not stop spending money day in day out .player contracts, facilities management, that is Maintenance and so on .
I honestly thought that with the bring back the love slogan, this would have been an opportunity to show the love to cubs owners who have been hardly hit by the Corona virus.
If I remember rightly, president Kurt was looking up to Government for money to support clubs and  I think palmer mentioned that it would have been good to ask government for tax break for clubs and sports equipment instead. My question is, Was it genuinely in the best interests of the game and clubs? or it was just a mockery of club owners?

Let’s do the maths of the $500,000
Let’s say u give each D1 – club $5000 multiply by the total number of D1clubs
5000 X 45=225,000
Let’s say premier clubs get 10,000 multiply by total number of premier clubs
10 000 × 18 = 180,000

Even with this you will still have $95,000 left.

I hope that Presidents  Kurt will listen to the calls and do the right thing to save the clubs.

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The GFA get $6 million plus $1 million if GFA revenue is $4million or less plus 2million put aside by fifa for   projects the the GFA inturns to do , plus all the insensitives coming from fifa to grow  juvinal and women’s football.

So there is enough funds coming the GFA.

We have a proverbial saying my local language that say that . Ni  azo yi  nya bela kata, oyi sa nya pam ontaa.

If your friend can share the little he has with you, certainly, he will share with u when he get more.

So I add my voice in asking President Okraku, vice president mark Addo and the Executive council  to listen  to the cry of Ghanaian clubs and use this money to support  them.

By: Ibrahim Gagbuni CEO, FC Tamale.


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