IBRAHIM GAGBUNI WRITES: Truncating the league will cause an overflow of litigations


The Ghana football association (GFA) and some clubs are trying to capitalize on a global health crisis (COVID-19) to truncate various leagues.

Truncating the season without a definitive outcome is a cocktail for severe legal trauma.

Can we start any league in Ghana next season, if, in the end, the completion is tied up in litigations? Because it will not be just one litigation but more of it.

The idea that the leagues can just be canceled just like that is funny and is been pushed by those with vested interest by their current position, in other words, standing on the league table.
What will the GFA do with clubs going to Africa?
Act like this season never happened and use the 2018/2019 season standings?
What about relegation and promotion? Would the clubs at the bottom of the league currently be relegated down? What about the D1 clubs leading the various zones, would they be rejected entry into the premier league?

Well, I can confidently say that there are more questions than answers.

GFA should promptly adopt FIFA new rule of 5 substitutions, help the clubs financially, and restart the league with adjusted timetable, i.e., Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday/ Sunday matches. Playing 3 matches a week, and with financial support, will aid clubs. It is not ideal but it is doable,  just like the way EPL combines champions league with EPL matches and all these when obviously it is safe to restart the league.

By: Ibrahim Gagbuni CEO, FC Tamale

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