THE SPORTS24 SHOW: Female radio personalities divided over the Ronaldo-Messi debate


Between Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi, who is the best or who do you like? This has been a long-standing question for football and even non-football lovers.

It was no different on the Spors24 Show on Sunday afternoon live on Facebook. The show brought together three radio female entertainment show hosts in Tamale to test their knowledge in football and when the host Kwaku Oduro posed the question, ‘Ronaldo or Messi? and why?

Nana Brago, the host of Lunchtalk on Diamond FM in Tamale said, “This debate, it will be so unfair for me to choose because these two players have something unique. Messi is amazing. I appreciate Messi a lot. If you really understand and follow football a lot, you can understand that Messi always something incredible and there is Ronaldo who is very phenomenon with the things he does. So it’s always very difficult to choose between these two because they are all very good”.

Ewurama Attoh, host of Drive Kesmi Home on Kesmi FM also in Tamale had a different view she believes that “They both are unique in their own ways, but for me, Messi stands out in a way. I don’t know why, but I have never gotten drawn to Cristiano Ronaldo, so for me its Messi all the way. Even though I respect the struggles of both players”.

Classy, Lunch Time host for Radio Tamale went in for Ronaldo. She explained that “The two guys are great footballers, but then I will pick Ronaldo because Ronaldo has challenged himself. Messi plays for Barcelona and he’s been playing there for a very long time. He hasn’t changed to any other club that will bring out another side of him. I feel he is so comfortable at Barcelona that he hasn’t challenged himself but Cristiano Ronaldo has really challenged himself”.

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