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Van Gaal: Liverpool boss Klopp out-coaching Guardiola


Former Manchester United boss Louis van Gaal admits he’s been impressed by Jurgen Klopp‘s impact at Liverpool.

The Dutchman believes Manchester City possess better players – but insists that Klopp is giving Pep Guardiola a masterclass in coaching.

He told the Mirror: “Klopp has turned Liverpool into an ­absolute fighting machine – both ­attacking and defending.

“So, if I was to put my money on one club for the league, it would be Liverpool.

Liverpool‘s team is not based on the highest quality when it comes to their players. In fact, the highest quality players are at City.

“But, at the same time, that is the ­weakness in ­Guardiola. He only coaches his teams in an attacking way. ­Always.

“The moment his team have to defend, they look terrible. ­Liverpool have a team that can defend much better.

“That’s because Klopp has trained them to be a fighting force, whether they have the ball or not. That’s exactly what is lacking in Guardiola’s team now.

“City have fabulous football ideas and a sparkling way of playing – but not the right ­fighting spirit.

“Don’t get me wrong, I still love to watch the way City play. But the way Klopp makes Liverpool play is absolutely fantastic.”

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