Women Football: Baba Nuhu, Yussif Basigi talk team bonding and physical condition of players


Princesses head coach, Yusif Basigi and Maidens head Coach Baba Nuhu speak to the GFA Communications team for the first time at their base in Cape Coast.

The teams have been preparing for their respective FIFA World Cup qualifiers at the Cape Coast Stadium under the guidance of the two Coaches.

The two teams broke camp in March, 2020 due to the ban on contact sport.

Here is a transcript of what transpired when we caught up with Nuhu Baba (Coach of Black Maidens) and Yusif Basigi (Coach of Black Princesses) on Thursday:



We started training on Monday with individual training, just as we are doing right now and response to training is not too bad.

We started on a lower pace so we will be climbing slowly. I think the postponement has been a blessing in disguise for us and because of that, we will not rush the team into physical conditioning.

We will be doing that till the end of this week before we go into individual ball game. The players will be doing strength and power as well, so that they can rest the next day because we are going to work on the lower and upper extremities and as a result of that, they need about 24 hours rest before we do recovery.

The long stay in the house has affected the players and that’s why we are taking our time to reduce their weight but it should be on a slower pace.


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The training has been good so far and you know under this situation, we have to revise our training schedule.

We know we have to observe all the protocols which we have not forgotten so what we are doing now is more of individual work, trying to see how we can work individually, not as one person.

We will still be in groups but more of individual work to be able to observe all the protocols. The players have been wearing the nose masks but once we come to training, it is taken off and after training they put it on again, even at dining.

We are fully aware of whatever that is happening and we are very careful.

I am sure in the coming weeks; everything will be normal, then, we can revise our training accordingly.


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