About us

Sports24online.com is a Ghanaian privately owned independent and objective sports portal and your one-stop sports website for all the latest breaking news and opinions both local and international launched in January 2019.

Sports24online.com is updated by a team of editors and sports journalists who ensure balanced coverage of the news by creating original content and curating sports articles from a wide range of Ghanaian and international print and online media partners.

Fan and reader driven

Sports24online.com started in early 2019 and since then we have grown considerably. Remarkably, our readers and sports fans have driven our growth.

The stories and news you read on this site are written by people who love sports and we invite all players, officials, fans and critics to have your say on the sports that you love. 

The Sports24online network

We have established a network of passionate sports journalists and contributors based in Ghana and hope to engage many from different countries that will supply you with an up-to-date flow of information and results, trends in tactics and crowds, transfers and player payments and anything else that we are able to report on. 

We will shamelessly take the fans views while giving all sides the opportunity to give an accurate account of happenings. Our team who write and produce sports24online.com are professionals and fans like the rest of us that simply love sports!