Arsenal fan suggests 5 ways to keep your mental health amid frustrating results

Arsenal vs Wolves
Arsenal vs Wolves

When Arsenal don’t bring us joy we need to switch to something else to get it.

“I know things aren’t going great for the club but it’s beyond our control and the fault is on the club’s management,” u/parasyte101 wrote on Reddit.

“Some suggestions for ’tis season: (recommended by fellow gooners in the comments)

  • Enjoy your time with friends and family during these times. (and of course not to forget to abide by the NHS’s advice for COVID19);
  • Watch a movie/series that you’ve missed out on or would like to watch. I recommend catching up on ‘The Grand Tour’ (for the folks interested in racing & automobiles) or ‘The Queen’s Gambit’;
  • Learn something productive to get your mind off the horrible results of Arsenal;
  • For the ones having exams coming up, just one note – studies take you further in life. Prioritize. Wishing good luck to those attending their exams in the near future;
  • Prepare a good meal after the match to brighten your mood.

“And remember, things WILL get better. Well, they always do. 🙂

“Stay safe and take care, my fellow Gooners.”

The Gunners have won just one Premier League game out of last 10, losing 7.

Since October, Arsenal have been the worst team going forward judging by stats.

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