Evra blasts ex-teammates for Man Utd downfall: Fans deserve TRUTH!

Manchester United Champions League winner Patrice Evra has blasted his old club after Saturday's home defeat to Crystal Palace

Manchester United Champions League winner Patrice Evra has blasted his old club after Saturday’s home defeat to Crystal Palace.

Evra took to social media to let his feelings known.

He declared: “If I have a problem with Ed Woodward, I won’t talk on social media.

“I will just call him or meet him face-to-face about what I think about something.

“The only problem I would say to Ed is trusting people he should never trust. He even trusts people outside the club that he shouldn’t. That’s what I can say about Ed.

“Before us, Bobby Charlton, George Best, they make the history of the club. All those people they make the history of the club and we try to respect it, ’99 and us ’08. Just some people they want to blow all this legacy away. For what? Business?”

Evra, tellingly, blasted the lack of football people involved in negotiations.

“When we want a player and they cost say £20m, we end up trying to buy him for £100m. Now those players don’t even want our money anymore,” Evra said.

“A sporting director from a top football club called me and asked me to tell Matthew Judge to answer his phone.

“The club needs to stop being so arrogant. There are certain people at the club right now that don’t even respect Sir Alex Ferguson.

“People need to understand we [United] send lawyers to talk to players. So when we send lawyers they talk about numbers, they are not people from the football world.

“At the time, Fergie, David Gill time, we didn’t hear anything in the paper, but Van Persie, Evra, Vidic, Ferdinand, everything was fast. When Manchester United need a player they go and they talk them face-to-face.”

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Evra also took aim at some former teammates.

He concluded: “I love this club and maybe one day I will work for this club again but I will work with my loyalty and I will never lie to any person who loves this club.

“I think some people who work for this club are damaging this club. That’s why we have to tell the truth to the fans.

“I know some people are scared to speak up about because they may not get a job in the future, I don’t care, I don’t need Manchester United. I love Manchester United.”


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